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  • Ashley Logan

Hello! We are Wilkes County Wedding Vendors!

We are so glad that you're here!

Written by President of WCWV, Ashley Logan

Hi there, I am Ashley and I am a local wedding photographer. At the beginning of my career in weddings, I was working in the Raleigh/Durham area which was very close to where I grew up. I then transitioned to the High Country, where I met my husband who is a Wilkes county native. I have only lived in Wilkes County for a short time, just about two years but during that time, I have fallen in love with the county, the people, and the scenery. I have learned why people who move here never leave.

During my first year in North Wilkesboro, I realized how hard it was to get connected with other wedding and event professionals. There seemed to be a large amount of vendors but most weren't spending time together outside of "work." The majority of the professionals that I spoke with did not feel a sense of camaraderie. I also noticed how many of the couples getting married in Wilkes were outsourcing their vendors from surrounding areas. After putting a lot of thought into the problem, I decided to kickstart WCWV.

My goal was to create a tight knit community of vendors where relationships felt more like friendships than "situationships." Meaningful connections with others within the industry would provide an outlet for questions, advice, help, and so much more. That change could benefit the local wedding industry's environment more than most realize. Knowing other local vendors on a personal level is essential when providing couples with referrals.

Our first meeting took place in the spring of 2022 and it was such an amazing start to what has quickly blossomed. We are still in the early stages of community outreach, but in high moral. As we grow and change, I hope that we are able to positively impact the county by supporting each other and other small businesses. Your support would mean the world to myself and the rest of the vendors within Wilkes County.

Remember to shop local, support local, and book local!

Jenna Mathis and Morgan Harris

April Ellsworth

Kaylee Davis and Emma Grace Ivester

Zana Younger

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